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Garage Door

Maintenance Schedule

Scheduled routine maintenance of your garage door will help prolong the life and performance of your door. We suggest these simple steps to help keep your garage door running smooth and in optimum working condition.

NOTE: Keep in mind that your garage door is the largest moving object in your home. CAUTION should be used at ALL times when coming in contact with your door. All repairs should be done by a qualified service technician.

Tools needed

1 � Can WD-40

1 � Screwdriver

Lubrication of moving parts

Every 3 months

Inspection of dry rot or rust

Every spring

Lubricant should be sprayed beginning at top of track curve down to 1� above floor. Take caution not spray any lubricant on wheels.

  1. Spray lubricant on hinges

  2. When door is in closed position � Lightly spray lubricant on springs above inside of door. Caution: under no circumstance should you touch springs or any parts in and around spring area.


Visually check for any swelling, cracks or rot on door.

  1. Using a screwdriver � check to determine if any rotting or rust has occurred around base of door or bottom of sections.

  2. Check bottom of track for rust.

  3. Check to make sure all screws and nuts are tight.

During your inspection, should you find any of the above items noted � contact us immediately to schedule an inspection.



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